In addition to reports from daily newspapers, you will find here reports from specialist magazines as well as pictures and some videos about the KernSoundboard.

SRF1 - Swiss Television Guest

16/10/2023 - SRF1 - Swiss Television Guest

"SRF 1 - Swiss Television"

The program "Potzmusig" is the home of Swiss folk music on Swiss radio and television. The focus is on the living folk music of Switzerland. Host Nicolas Senn presents live music with guests from the scene and here also the KernKlangbrett.

Broadcast date:

Saturday, December 2, 18.40 clock on SRF 1

You can find the TV programme here in the SRF media library!

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Experts in the Allgäu

30/03/2021 - Experts in the Allgäu

»A maestro falls from the sky«

From "Experts in Allgäu 2020/2021", Allgäuer Zeitungsverlag

An instrument that can be played completely without prior knowledge and on which a melody is created at the very first attempt - even for musical novices. Is there such a thing? Martin Kern, music educator, composer and musician, developed such an instrument a good 15 years ago. ...

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BR Television | Musik in den Bergen

16/02/2020 - BR Television | Musik in den Bergen

BR Television - Music in the mountains

A musical journey through the alpine region - Sonja Weissensteiner as guest in the Allgäu

Sonja Weissensteiner was also our guest and talked to Martin Kern about the invention and special features of the KernSoundboard.

The episode was broadcastes on May 10th 2020

Das schöne Allgäu

31/01/2020 - Das schöne Allgäu

»Bring a smile to your face with music«

An Allgäuer invention: The KernSoundboard

Sitting down and playing a song, without any musical education, without any knowledge of music - Martin Kern from Buchenberg has come up with something for that. He has designed the KernSoundboard. ...

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17/12/2019 - allgä

»allgä - Our heroes of the Christmas season«

"Our heroes of the Christmas season" - the power of music shall help children in the Allgäu.

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HALLO Allgäu

19/10/2019 - HALLO Allgäu

»Musical Experience: The KernKlangbrett«

Martin Kern and his son David have developed the KernKlangbrett. Anyone can make music with it within minutes.

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BR Heimat | Habe die Ehre!

18/02/2019 - BR Heimat | Habe die Ehre!

BR Heimat - Music teacher Martin Kern

Martin Kern - musician, music teacher, composer and folk music lovers of course a term. In addition, he developed the "KernKlangbrett" (core sound board), from which enchanting sounds can be elicited even without previous musical knowledge and much practice. He is a guest of Margarita Wolf.

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The KernSoundboard makes making music child's play

11/12/2018 - The KernSoundboard makes making music child's play

»With just a few grips to the musician«

The KernSoundboard makes making music child's play

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AllgäuStrom Magazin Heimatstark

14/05/2018 - AllgäuStrom Magazin Heimatstark

»Our incentive are the smiling eyes«

An instrument that can be learned quickly without previous musical knowledge or years of practice - would not that be great?

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04/04/2018 -

»Ingeniously simple! With this invention from the Allgäu region you play after a few minutes your first song.«

You think you are unmusical and can not read music? Welcome to the club. That's the way it is for most of us. Nevertheless, even the biggest music fanatic would like to play an instrument.

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Allgäuer Zeitung

16/02/2018 - Allgäuer Zeitung

»Fun with 22 strings«

Women from Wiggensbach, Kempten and Altusried have discovered their love for the KernSoundboard. The instrument is easy to learn. Their joint music also pleases seniors.

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09/01/2018 - allgä

»KernSoundboard instrument building«

The report by allgä shows our instrument building, which takes place several times a year in the Allgäu. In just one day, everyone can fulfill the dream of a self-made KernSoundboard.

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Griaß di´ Allgäu

15/06/2017 - Griaß di´ Allgäu

»The master of instruments«

An alpine instrument that everyone can play instantly - without any prior musical knowledge: that was the vision of Martin Kern when he invented the KernSoundboard.

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BM Fachmagazin

10/01/2017 - BM Fachmagazin

»Sounding wood«

All people should play a musical instrument, because music makes happy - this conviction is at least Martin Kern. With the "KernKlangbrett", the dedicated music educator has developed an easy-to-learn instrument.

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22/10/2015 - allgä

»Music against trauma - young refugees play music for forgetting«

Martin Kern tries it in Steinegaden with a music education concept.

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Die Allgäuerin

01/06/2015 - Die Allgäuerin

»The KernSoundboard - a musical experience for all ages«

The healing effect of music is well known. However, those who do not just want to be sprinkled with the sounds of a CD, but want to lend a hand to an instrument, had to spend hours teaching music in the beginning, in order to be able to present the selected pieces reasonably passable.

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Das schöne Allgäu

01/06/2012 - Das schöne Allgäu

»Das schöne Allgäu - an ingenious concept«

If a composite definition of commitment, idealism and versatility is to be at the core, then it's "the core" (german "Kern"), Martin Kern.

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21/01/2011 - Querbeet

»Music as an elixir of life»

The fact that music is a true elixir of life and pleases and connects people of all ages has recently become known. Also in the retirement and nursing home in Obergünzburg this fact has always been given great attention. Numerous music groups can also be found in the calendar of events of the house, as well as the regular joint singing and making music of the seniors themselves.

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Mittelbayerische Zeitung

19/12/2010 - Mittelbayerische Zeitung

»Old and young profit from each other«

Hirschau-Freudenberger project helps to build bridges between the generations - and that is worthy of praise.

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