21/01/2011 - Querbeet


»Music as an elixir of life»

Rathausbotheke Kaufbeuren donates Klangbrett

The fact that music is a true elixir of life and pleases and connects people of all ages has recently become known. Also in the retirement and nursing home in Obergünzburg this fact has always been given great attention. Numerous music groups can also be found in the calendar of events of the house, as well as the regular joint singing and making music of the seniors themselves. KernKlangbrett The new "sound board" recently donated by the city hall pharmacy in Kaufbeuren is a musical enrichment. The robust instrument, which was constructed by the Buchenberg music educator Martin Kern, reminds of a dulcimer in its shape. It is covered with 22 strings, sounds pleasant and soothing and you can play on it with less articulated fingers. Attached templates, which work in a similar way to the "paint by numbers" principle, allow the eyes and fingers to follow a prescribed note path, causing the corresponding song to sound. A beautiful thing that certainly helps to give the inhabitants a happy heart while playing music.

21.01.2011 Querbeet - music as an elixir of life