11/12/2018 - The KernSoundboard makes making music child's play

The KernSoundboard makes making music child's play

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Making music together is a great thing, wouldn't it be the annoying years of practicing? A music pedagogue from Buchenberg has made an invention that avoids that. With the Kern sound board and its game templates, young and old should be able to make music within a few seconds. We accompanied the inventor during the production of his sound board and naturally wanted to have a taste. At first glance, the Kern soundboard is reminiscent of a dulcimer. The difference: you don't need mallets to play the instrument, only the index fingers of your right and left hand. It has 22 strings and is easy to play even for beginners. All you have to do is choose the right pattern and theoretically you can make music immediately. "15 years ago the idea for the Kern soundboard came to me when I noticed that some children and teenagers had problems hitting the strings with the mallets on the dulcimer and were therefore frustrated. In spite of the motor difficulties, these children also wanted to make music and so the sound board was created, in which the strings are plucked with the fingers and played with a total of 300 notes," says Martin Kern. But in addition to the interesting production and the quick sense of achievement, the Kern soundboard also has a therapeutic added value for children, handicapped people and seniors. "You can get well with music and I notice time and again in pedagogy and therapy that the sound board and making music simply have a very positive effect, for example in Alzheimer therapy there are many wonderful examples," says Kern. But children who play the instrument for the first time are also happy and radiant because they can play beautiful songs immediately without long practice, which makes them happy and motivated. So if you are still looking for a musical instrument that you can play until Christmas to play a few Christmas songs or if you just want to try something creative, this instrument is definitely the right one for you.


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